06aROSTA tensioning devices

Automatically compensates for the lengthening that occurs during operation of both chains and drive belts. The tensioning device gives the chain an even and calm motion, prevents operating problems and unnecessary wear. In additions, oscillations and vibrations are dampened and noise reduced. ROSTA tensioning devices are maintenance free, very reliable, and self adjusting.

06bROSTA rubber suspension units

A machine unit with several basic functions. The compact ROSTA units are at the same time bearing, spring and damper. Thanks to this combination, it is often possible to replace complicated designs with a single ROSTA unit. The units work silently, is gap free, maintenance free and they dampen vibrations, they are electrically insulating, insensitive to water and dirt and are very reliable.

06cROSTA oscillating mountings

A series of maintenance free rubber-suspension units that, thanks to the unique design, is extremely suitable for suspension, bearing or as a link to material handling equipment such as vibration feeders, shaker conveyors and sorting equipment. We will be pleased to provide you with proposals for installation and choice of suitable mounting.

06dROSTA anti-vibration mountings

Provides the opportunity to very effectively dampen the vibrations, shocks and noise caused by many machines. This is frequently very important from a work environment viewpoint, in industry as well as in the home. Sensitive electronic measuring equipment can also be protected by means of the ROSTA anti-vibration mountings, which are available in a number of versions. We will be pleased to help you with proposals for the unit that is best in your particular case.

06eROSTA motor bases

If you want to avoid unnecessary wear on drive belts, unnecessary production stops, shocks and uneven motion, you should take a closer look at the ROSTA motor bases. These rubber suspension motor shelves are self-adjusting, compensate for the stretching of the drive belts and prevent these from slipping and being worn early, which can mean significant savings for you. ROSTA motor bases, moreover, are maintenance free, dampen shocks and have an equalising effect during motor starts.

06fRubber/Metal bushings

Suitable for use as linkages and similar, where there are moderate loads and angular motion. They can also be used as pure anti-vibration mountings to absorb vibrations and shocks. The bushings consist of a steel inner tube and an outer tube, between which a rubber tube is inserted under high pressure. Since the rubber is powerfully tensioned between the steel tubes, there is no displacement between rubber and steel during moderate turning movements.

06gVibration dampers

Vibration dampers are used to reduce the vibrations and noise that are often generated in machines and plants. The dampers are placed between the machine and the base and they protect the surrounding equipment as well as the actual machine, at the same time as the work environment is improved. Apart from the standard sizes, we can also produce customer specific parts.

06gGeneral information

Mounting instructions and information about ROSTA chain and belt tensioners

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