07aEICH spring roller bearings

Developed to withstand tasks where normal roller bearings do not have a chance or have too short a service life. Typical areas of use are bearings that are subjected to too much rough treatment such as large shock loads, high temperatures and dirty surroundings. Since the 1920s, EICH roller bearings have solved many bearing problems, primarily in the iron and steel industry. As the major suppliers of furnaces and furnace equipment as well as roller mill equipment, EICH roller bearings are a standard term.

07bMcGill cam followers/track rollers

Well known for their high quality and a broad range of parts in both imperial and metric versions. We can offer you all these and, moreover, at competitive prices. This PDF catalog has metric dimensions.

We can also offer certain dimensions in stainless steel versions.

7mcgillstainlesssteelMcGill stainless steel

McGill camfollowers in stainless steel”

7mcgillbroschyrFORM8752 McGill

McGill heavy duty cam followers in inch sizes

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