Try these if there are problems with normal radial seals with spiral springs. Flex-lip-seals withstand high rotational speed, larger shaft pitch and tolerate pressure up to 10 bar, depending on the shaft's rotational speed. In practice, they hardly ever make any track in the shaft and thanks to the lip pressure – low friction – normally, unhardened shafts can be used. Available with support plates in mild steel or stainless steel combined with Nitrile rubber NBR or in EPDM, MQ and FPM..

10b Radial sealing rings

For rotating shafts. Available in hundreds of dimensions for shaft diameters from 4 mm up to 260 mm. All seals can be delivered with stainless steel springs and with alternative materials in the support plates. The most common types can be used for sliding speeds up to 15 m/sec and can tolerate a shaft eccentricity up to 0.4 mm. For sealing in the case of overpressure, we recommend our flex-lip-seals.

10cFEY laminar rings

Manufactured as single and double wound sealing rings in different steel qualities. Among other things, they are used as locking rings, seals for roller bearings and sliding bearings and as exhaust seals for diesel engines and vehicles. A few of the advantages with FEY laminar rings is that they take little space, tolerate high rotational speeds and do not cause friction or wear on shafts.

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