02aIndustrial handles

Handles manufactured in hard plastic are available in the form of end pieces that can be delivered together with an aluminium tube that can be fastened between the end pieces. The aluminium tube is available in the length of your choice. In addition, handles are available in solid design as well as with fastening sleeves for screws from the inside.

02bMachine feet

We stock a complete range of machine feet suitable for everything from light purposes up to very heavy loads. The machine feet are available in glass fibre reinforced polyamide, steel, as well as stainless steel. The feet can be combined with all bolt dimensions in our program. Bolts are available in steel and stainless steel for M6x15 to M24x200.

02cFATH Main Catalogue - Aluminium Profile Components - Hinges etc.

FATH Main Catalogue in PDF format – All components that are needed for designs with aluminium profiles such as Feet, Hinges, T-slot Nuts, and Brackets etc. (110 MB)

nyproduktgruppNew product group

Handles, knobs, plugs, handwheels and other plastic components

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